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(We double dog dare you)

About Us

Double Dog Dare Rescue, Inc is a small (but growing) group of volunteers across north-central Maryland and central Pennsylvania, dedicated to saving all breeds of dogs from very rural areas. Due to space and funding limitations, these dogs have very little chance of survival without us (and rescues like us).

Our dedicated volunteers spend countless hours:

Arranging and running transportation

Scheduling vetting and care

Planning and attending adoption events

Processing foster and adoption applications

Opening their homes (and hearts) as fosters

We believe that fostering offers dogs a warm, safe environment to begin healing from the anxiety of the rescue process. It also gives an opportunity to observe the behavior of our dogs in a less stressful environment. This enables us to best match the dog’s personality and needs to potential adopters. We screen all applicants and are dedicated to finding the right home for the right dog.

We currently receive no outside funding. We run solely on donations and adoption fees, which we rely on to recoup our expenses related to safely pulling and harboring rescued dogs.

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