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Why Fostering Matters

When you foster a dog in need, you bring them to a safe, stable, and loving environment until a permanent home is found. These dogs have been abandoned through no fault of their own; some are injured, some are too young to be adopted, and some have never known the loving touch a human hand or the warmth of a home.

Fostering changes the world for that dog, and for you. It also frees up space for another dog in need of rescue…changing another life.

About Fostering

Fosters will be screened to ensure they are matched only with dogs that they can safely care for with considerations including size, temperament, the family unit and children, and other animals within the home.

If the foster dog will be joining other companion animals, it’s a good idea to keep them separate at first. Your home will need to be pet-proofed to keep the pet safe, especially a young dog. Purchases made to care for a foster dog can be considered tax donations to the rescue, and may be tax deductible.

Become a Foster